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+91 9654446040, 011-43557340
Painting Classes, Painting Institute

Himanshu Art Institute Conduct Painting, Freehand Drawing, Art & Craft Workshop for Corporate Companies, Schools, Colleges in All Over India

Clay Modeling Workshop for Corporate Companies

Clay Modeling Workshop - NBT Rangmanch Club

Clay Modeling is an art of creating different objects with soft clay. It is just a shaping up art of an artist or amateur. Now a days Clay Modeling is in demand. Recently a workshop was conducted by Himanshu Art Institute at its West Patel Nagar, New Delhi Campus for the members of Rangmanch a club run by Nav Bharat Times.

Indian Folk Art - Gond Art

Indian Traditional Art - GOND ART

Gond Art is one of the Indian Traditional Art forms done by Gonds who are among the largest tribes of Madhya Pradesh in Central India. The word Gond comes from Dravidian expression “Kond” meaning The Green Mountains. The Gonds paint their walls and floors with vibrant images of Flowers, Trees, Animals, Nature and Gods.

Career in Art Field

Turning Passion into Profession

Art is the union of deep feeling with profound thought, the fine balance of truth in observing, with the imaginative faculty in modifying the Objects observed. Truly has been said that creativity is not the slave of anyone, neither it can be forced upon mechanically. A creative form of art is the grace of almighty.

Career in Art & Craft

Secured Career in Art & Craft

Art & Craft is some piece of work that has a power to attract person’s eye to observe or view due to its beauty and presentable look. These are entirely human creation. Being skilled work, involves the application of techniques which can be easily learnt. Imagination of mind leads to application.An artist dwells in each and every person.

All India Art Exhibition

All India Annual Art Exhibition

‘art N art’ Exhibition as the name specifies deals in art promotion. The Art Exhibition on National Level has a great importance in the book of artists. It is an All India Art Exhibition, encouraging new and old artists to show their skills. The Art exhibition at National level promotes Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Graphics, Photography and Art & Crafts.

All India Painting Competition

All India Painting Competition My Art My Passion

“Passion”, the word which most of us uses but do not follow. Life starts with passion and ends without it. Passion is accompanied by dreams of life, giving a unique image of every individual. Dreams are not those which are chosen by us but those which chooses us. Every dream chooses its owner for the passion which comes along with it. ....

BFA Entrance Exam Coaching Classes

BFA Entrance Exam Preparation

B.F.A is a degree level program which is meant for the students who have passion to learn fine art and its different fields like drawing, visualization etc. The program is designed in a way that creates interest in the aspirant and makes them feel confident to appear in the exam. The program covers the creation of visual art works...

Drawing, Paining, Art & Craft Classes for kids

Summer Activities for All Age Group

Everyone whether a kid, teenager, adolescence, working professional, students or even housewives have a passion to do some creative work and gather appreciation from colleagues, relatives, friends and even strangers. So, it is very well seen or can be noticed that there is an artist in each of us. Some love to excel in music, in dance...

Indian Traditional Art, Indian Folk Art

Indian Traditional Art

India has a rich and glorious history of traditional art. The beautiful and elegant sculptures of Ajanta Ellora Caves, Buddhist Palm Leaf manuscripts, the world famous Taj Mahal, the mughal and kalighat school of paintings. Indian paintings have always been considered exclusive and these focus on the daily routines of the populace living at that time.

Quilling Art Workshop

Quilling Art is Huge Demand of Market

Quilling is an art of making wonderful things with paper. Quilling art is not an easy task; it has to be learned by professionals. Himanshu Art Institute gives a platform for the art lovers. Quilling art workshop is not just giving the skill to a person but also a new way for enhancement and earnings.

'There has never been a boy painter, nor can there be. The art requires a long apprenticeship, being mechanical as well as intellectual' - John Constable