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icon 9654446040, 011-43557340
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Secured Career in Art & Craft Fields

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Turning Passion into Profession

Art is the union of deep feeling with profound thought, the fine balance of truth in observing, with the imaginative faculty in modifying the Objects observed. Truly has been said that creativity is not the slave of anyone, neither it can be forced upon mechanically. A creative form of art is the grace of almighty. An institute can give the edge only of one's creativity. Himanshu Art institute has been grooming this raw artistic skill into the culmination of art from last seventeen years.

Himanshu art Institute was established in 1997 with the purpose of providing inspiring guidance, techniques and approaches in various medium to aspiring artists. Capturing new horizons every day in the field of arts, this institute with the panel of dedicated teachers has helped the art students to discover their real potential in the creative field of art. An artistic degree and mode of operation from worldly pursuit. pursuit is completely scholarly pursuit with unbriddled imagination to overcome the hindrances. This institute has been standing at the cross raod as the torch bearer to show the path which leads to artistic culmination.

The artistic imagination coexists with the conscious will and is different in Today the scnerao has changed completely. Gone are the days when artists had no platform to showcase their creation and even struggling to find a ecent way to lead life. Now globlization has opened the new avenues where commerce intermixes ith art and the artists are getting their way into corporate world for a lucrative job. Today they have plethora of options to join and get opportunities with big MNCs. In short, the new perspective of modern society has embodied the art as a mainstream profession. As a career in fine arts with true artistic skills has the potentia to change the world around you and can give economical comfort as well as recognition in the society.

Himanshu Art Institute offers One Year Diploma in Art and crafts. One can find the real potential of his/her artistic talent in the premises of this institute.It offers full time and part time courses in different field like Drawing, Craft work, painting etc.


Secured Career in Art & Craft Fields