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Artist Gurinder Pal Singh

Mr. Gurinder Pal Singh

Senior faculty having a number of awards and honors in his name. 1st Prize Award by Sahitya Kala Academy in the year 1991 and many more followed behind. Popular among the students and professionals. M.F.A in Applied Art (Visualisation and Animation) from College of Art, New Delhi. Having almost 24years of teaching experience.
Specialization: Comic Illustration, Cartoon & Caricature, Live Sketching and Animation.

Artist Ravinder Kumar

Mr. Ravinder Kumar

An art lover since childhood. Having approximately 20 years of experience in teaching as well as in market work. Runs own studio and is renowned person in this field. Has also curated many exhibitions and gained great name & fame and working hard to impart his knowledge among students by assembling creative workshops, art camps etc.
Specialization: Oil Medium, Water Medium, Acrylic Medium and Master Copy Work.

Artist Inku Kumar

Mr. Inku Kumar

A Graphic Designer and specialist in Calligraphy. M.F.A from College of Art. He has been training students in Calligraphy fields since 12 years. He has a zeal to impart his creative knowledge to others and even expand his horizon. Very jolly in nature and thus keeps the class in enjoyable mood. Has own style of teaching Calligraphy which is loved by the students.
Specialization: Calligraphy, Calligraphy Painting, Illustrator and Photography.

Artist Shilpi Singh Chauhan

Mrs. Shilpi Singh Chauhan

Art is fun and enjoys to work with knife in Acrylic Medium. Completed M.F.A in Painting from B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra. Has been awarded for her work. Very particular about the seriousness and creativity in artwork. Friendly attitude makes the student to open up and experiment with their work. Having experience of teaching 5-6 years.
Specialization: Art Theory, Creative Work, Acrylic Medium and Art & Craft.

Artist Umesh Kumar

Mr. Umesh Kumar

A studio artist, having knowledge and experience of 7-8 years in teaching and working. He is a very polite person. Master of organizing workshops on origami, craft, clay modeling and students enjoy doing such activities under his guidance. Has achieved great success in the related field. Believes to create some variation in the work.
Specialization: Art & Craft, Oil Medium, Sculpture and Commercial Work.

Artist Vaibhav Sharma

Mr. Vaibhav Sharma

B.F.A from College of Art. Has working and teaching experience of 8-9 years. Has good command on his subject. Active in exhibitions and competitions and has gained success. Always serve students with positive attitude. Keeps on motivating students to do their work with confidence.
Specialization: Comic Illustration, Sculpture, Live Sketching and Cartoon & Caricature.

Artist Ritu Soni

Mrs. Ritu Soni

She is M.F.A from Lalit Kala Sansthan, Agra. Has earned 9-10 years of experience and participated in different exhibitions, seminars and received many awards. in this art field. She is loving by nature which makes the student learn with ease. Her way of teaching attracts the student to create some thing new.
Specialization: Art Theory, Creative Work, Water, Oil and Acrylic Medium.

Artist Rajesh Kumar

Mr. Rajesh Kumar

B.F.A from College of Art, having 7-8 years of experience and practice in this field of art. A very hard working and down to earth person. Very good at Comic Illustration work. The way of teaching is so smooth that students enjoy his class. Has gained appreciation for his work and keeps on participate in different events.
Specialization: Comic Illustration, Commercial work, Live Sketching and Animation.

Artist Sumer Singh

Mr. Sumer Singh

A calm and Polite person with great values. B.F.A (Painting) and loves to teach and tries to take out all the confusions and hesitation of his students. Expert in Drawing and Painting. The soft and calm nature enables the students to work freely under his guidance. Has teaching experience of 4-5 years and is doing well in the related field.
Specialization: Creative Work, Commercial work, Water, Poster, Oil and Acrylic Medium.

Artist Chandan Aggarwal

Mr. Chandan Aggarwal

M.V.A (Painting) from College of Art & Craft, Lucknow. Today a number of awards are in his name. hard working and always engaged in experiments and has achieved great success which has always attracted the students as they get to learn something new in every work. Jolly and friendly person.
Specialization: Mixed Media, New Media, Oil & Acrylic, Installation Art.

Artist Punam Ranjan

Ms. Punam Ranjan

Teaching Art & Craft is not only an occupation, it’s more like a mania as it means a world to her. Very fond of kids and teaching is a fun. Helpful, caring and friendly nature attracts students like bees to flower. Being in touch with student for just a single class makes her understand about student’s artistic nature and mind set. Cheerful and calm personality.
Specialization: Art & Craft, Hand Writing, Creative Work

"An artist conscientiously moves in a direction which for some good reason he takes,
putting one work in front of the other with the hope he’ll arrive before death overtakes him." - John Cage


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