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All India Painting Competition

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All India Painting Competition 'My Art My Passion'

“Passion”, the word which most of us uses but do not follow. Life starts with passion and ends without it. Passion is accompanied by dreams of life, giving a unique image of every individual. Dreams are not those which are chosen by us but those which chooses us. Every dream chooses its owner for the passion which comes along with it. The greatest regret of people is not about things they did in their life but about things they did not do in their life. Millions of humans die with a regret of not living the life in the way they wanted to live.
“My Art My Passion” as the name suggests has given a new platform for those who want to live their dreams. It was a Painting Competition on national level, where participants from all over India came to show their love and passionof painting. This great platform to bring the art and culture to the canvas was inaugurate by Bharat & Reshma, Famous Fashion Designers and Mr. Devaa Prasana, Creative Head of PTC Punjabi.This whole concept of union of art and culture from every part of India took place at Artizen Art Gallery, Pearey Lal Bhawan, ITO, New Delhi.

The main purpose of Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation in organizing such painting competition on national level is to put light on the hidden talent of individuals in our country. India is the country of diversity, the country of secularity and also the country of art and culture. The only country where religion itself is an art and culture.

The total number of participants chosen by our judges for All India Painting Competition from thousands of the applicants was twenty. These twenty participants of All India Painting Competition were having a unique sense of artistry and painting.

“My Art My Passion” was a Painting competition on National level organized by Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation in the month of April 2016. The twenty participants of All India Painting Competition, were given a chance of free participation in ”art N art” annual art exhibition. “My Art My Passion” was a great success with three cash prizes and three consolation prizes.

The first prize was awarded to Mr.R.Jayanth Kumar of Thriuvankolam, Kerela for his unique paining describing the animal inside a human. The judges were driven by the nova style of the artist to bring the thought on the canvas. Winner of the All India painting competition received a cash prize of Rs. 21000/-, a trophy, certificate and a gift hamper.

The second prize was awarded to Mr.Prasanta Deb Singha from Bongaigoan, Assam for describing the pain of trees through its wonderful colours. For this marvellous creation in All India painting competition he was awarded with a cash price of Rs.11000/-, a trophy, certificate and a gift hamper.

The third prize was given to Mr.N.P. Pandey from Firozabad, UP for his abstract sketch. Mr Pandey created a dynamic description of god in only two colours. He received a cash prize of Rs 5100/- along with a trophy, certificate and a gift hamper in All India painting competition.

The Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation also awarded with the consolation prize to three of the participants, Mr.Girish Chandra Vidyaratna from Balrampur, UP, Ms.Sujata Vitthal Jambhale from Satara, Maharashtra and Mr.Santanu Das Gupta from Ramgarh, Jharkhand. The Painting Competition on National Level was to encourage the art and culture of our country, so all of the participants were given a free entry to All India art Exhibition. The All India art exhibition was to take place in the month of September 2016.

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