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All India Colour Combination Contest

15th All India Colour Combination Contest 2014
Colour is important aspects of life. Its depicts feelings of human. When different colour combined it defines a various meaning to the life. So, with this motive Himanshu Art Institute organise "15th All India Colour Combination Contest- 2014" to built the more confidence to those participants who can not express their creativity on the spot. To avoid the hesitation and fear, Himanshu Art Iinstitute has come out with the beautiful idea in which the competition are held in different schools. Where the participants have the liberty to work out on their creativity and submit the final things in the time limit given to them.

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All India Painting Competition

All India Painting Competition "Meri Beti Mer Astitva"
Nav Shri Art & Culture Organisation organised "All India Painting Competition "Meri Beti Mera Astitva" for All Professional Artist, Art Faculty, School Teachers, Students of Fine Arts from Fine Arts Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Academies, Anybody who has an inclination for Drawing & Painting Art or Hobby Pursuer of Art, as well as Professional-Level Amateur Fine Artist with a Minimum age of 18 Years above are eligible to participate in the Competition.

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